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      The Boxer Rebellion, All We Are, Golan - March 16, 2018 - Fratelli Studios

      The Boxer Rebellion, All We Are, Golan - March 16, 2018 - Fratelli Studios

      The Boxer Rebellion

      The Boxer Rebellion is an indie-rock band formed in London in 2001, by British and American musicians Nathan Nicholson, Andrew Smith, Adam Harrison, and Piers Hewitt. The band has released four studio albums and two EPs. Their fan base has increased due to the band’s appearance in TV shows such as “One Tree Hill”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Human Target”. The Boxer Rebellion has toured extensively throughout Europe and North America.

      the boxer rebellion bucharest
      Source: criticeyez.com

      All We Are

      All We Are was formed in Liverpool by Richard O’Flynn (drums), Guro Gikling (bass) and Luis Santos (guitar) and has been lighting up festivals all over the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, since their debut in 2015. All We Are have embraced various styles, starting from soul, hip hop to pop music crafting an intoxicating album full of warmth, emotionally astute lyrics and irresistible rhythms.

      All We Are concert Bucharest
      Source: criticeyez.com


      Golan is an electronic acoustic three piece band, formed in Bucharest in 2013 by Alex, Ernesto and Mihai. The band started as an electro musical project with Cuban and jazz rhythms. Their sound is melodic and dreamy, bringing a much needed human touch to today’s electronic music. Golan was the winner of the "Best Electro" award in 2014, given by "Sunete" magazine and became instant headliners all over the country.